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Laborers Local 872 exists because of its members. Workplace safety and quality construction are constantly at the forefront of all Union activities. Members of Local 872 are constantly building Las Vegas and benefiting the community. We advocate for public policy issues that increase economic development and create jobs across the community. After more than 100 years of fighting for workers and forging the highways, buildings and public services that shape America and Canada today, Local 872 is part of a  500,000 members strong effort to keep improving the lives of workers.

Local 872 is building Las Vegas and keeping it running. We are a diverse union of trained construction workers and public service employees, and we use our collective power to solve the problems that workers, employers, and policymakers can’t solve alone. We fight to create opportunities for the industries that build all of the U.S. and Canada’s infrastructure; to provide training, fair wages, and the protections that workers need to lift themselves and their families into the middle class; and to inform and engage policymakers to support growth. We are powerful allies with more than 100 years of history, and a clear vision for how to keep moving forward.

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