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Raiders Stadium: More than Official

In the Assembly Chambers during the 2016 Special Session, Tommy White told the entire Legislative Branch that “at the end of the day this is about the working class.” On March 28th agreements were finalized confirming what Local 872 has been saying all along. “The Raiders Are Coming!” President of the Raiders, Marc Badain signed documents alongside the Las Vegas Stadium Authority Board affirming the Raiders’ commitment to building a future in Las Vegas.

Mark Davis, Owner of the Raiders took the opportunity to recognize frequent guests to the Local 872 Union Hall in comments to ESPN. Davis noted that “You’ve got to give (Nevada) Governor (Brian) Sandoval and (Clark County Commissioner) Steve Sisolak and even Tommy White with the (Laborers Union Local) 872 so much credit for bringing this project together and the jobs they’re creating for Las Vegas and the benefits they’re bringing to that community.” Davis ended by saying “The groundbreaking was really an exciting night. But it’s the ribbon-cutting that I’m looking forward to.” There are expected to be nearly 700 members of Local 872 working at the Stadium at the peak of construction. Statewide, the unemployment rate has gone from 5.9% before the Stadium was announced to 4.9% in the spring of 2018.


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