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Monthly Meetings

Many important topics are discussed at Monthly Meetings. New opportunities and jobs are introduced, and special guests also visit with exciting news. Over the past months, Governor Brian Sandoval brought thanks and encouragement for Local 872’s role in bringing the Raiders to Las Vegas. Attorney General candidate Wes Duncan visited the Union’s Thanksgiving Celebration during the November Monthly Meeting. He spoke about his Father’s decades-long Union career, and how it shaped a tradition of public service.

In addition to seeing fellow members and enjoying special guests, Monthly Union Meetings are the place to hear the latest Local 872 news first. A lot of work goes into putting these meetings on. In order to host 300 members the Hall needs to be set up and technical preparations need to be made. Many volunteers spend days leading up to the meeting setting up chairs and coordinating refreshments. Others get to the Hall three hours before the Meeting to make sure everything goes smoothly. Meetings are generally the first Monday of each month, except for June which will be on the 11th and September when there is no monthly meeting due to Labor Day. All meetings and contractual holidays are featured in Local 872’s 2018 Calendar. If you did not receive your calendar in the mail call the Local Union Hall to update or confirm your address.


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