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Local 872 Thanks First Responders

On the night of October 1st, gunfire was reported on the Las Vegas Strip. Over the next twelve hours hospitals would exceed their capacities, the Regional Transportation Commission would shuttle people to safety, and Local 872 sprang into action. While the scene was still active, Business Manager Tommy White called Commissioner Steve Sisolak. Following that conversation, the Union Clinic was ordered open at 3:30 am to accept the first blood donations. Ten sterile rooms were ready by 4:15 am for over 100 donors already in line. The need for blood quickly increased and Local 872 moved operations to United Blood Services on Charleston Boulevard at 5:30 am.

By 8:00 am clinicians were working at full capacity and donations were arriving by the truck-full. All available personnel from the Southern Nevada Laborers Training Facility were called to assist with logistics and manage contributions outside. Safety vests for directing traffic and additional tents to shelter donors arrived from the Union Hall. Soon after, Calls were received from locations in need of donated items. Distribution plans were made to provide relief to locations such as the Metropolitan Police Headquarters and Valley Hospital Medical Center.

Local 872 continues to stand by first responders. Following one of the most challenging weeks in Nevada history. Local 872 partnered with The Latin Chamber of Commerce, Nevada Contractors Association, and the Raiders in hosting a successful event at University Medical Center. Hundreds of doctors, first responders and patients attended the cookout. Volunteers from Local 872 helped with every detail of the event. “With what these people have been through this is the least we can do. It is important to join Commissioner Sisolak and thank them for their service. Not just during hard times, but whenever possible” one member of Local 872 said after volunteering.


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