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Important Classes to Take at the Training Center

The Local 872 Traing Center is not just classrooms. Many classes are hands on training to get you prepared for the job.

Signing up for classes at the Training Center must be done IN PERSON in advance of the class. It is important to complete OSHA 10 and 1st Aid classes to be dispatched to any job. It is also required to keep OSHA certifications current to be dispatched to any jobs. Refresher courses are available for individuals to keep an OSHA 10 or 30 card current. If you have received an OSHA 10 and or 30 card within the last 5 years you need to only take the refresher. If your card is older than 5 years you must take the full course. OSHA 10 refresher is 6 hours and OSHA 30 refresher is 24 hours. There is no grace period on expired OSHA cards so preregistration is suggested before a card expires. Taking classes of any kind is the best way to stay competitive and become eligible to be dispatched to more jobs.

Scaffold Builder

From mudsills up this class teaches how to safely erect, walk through, frame, tube and clamp, system scaffold and be in compliance with OSHA regulations. Identifying hardware components for different job settings is a crucial part of this 40 hour class. Skilled scaffold builders are needed on every vertical building project.

Concrete Walls

Learning how to safety form and place walls and columns is the emphasis of this class. Proper consolidation and identifying correct hardware will be covered in this 40 hour class. Completion of this class will improve qualification for both heavy highway and building labor jobs.

Pipe Pressurized

Students will learn the responsibilities of being on a crew working on pressurized pipe, correct use and selection of pipe hardware, pipe flushing, as well as hydrostatic testing procedures. Students will also learn how to mill pipe ends to assure proper fitting of C900 water pipe. Completing this class will help enable individuals to be dispatched to underground utilities jobs.

Concrete Flat

This class will begin with the safety practices of forming and placing concrete. Proper techniques used throughout the finishing process will be demonstrated. Included elements are concrete estimation, tool recognition and how to apply final finishing. At least one method of curing concrete will also be covered. This is a 40 hour course and will prepare members for work on heavy highway projects and building labor jobs.

Pipe Gravity

Safe procedures and techniques of sewer pipe placement, trench excavation, backfill, compaction, and trench protection will be fully demonstrated. This class will prepare students to mill pipe ends to assure proper fitting of SDR35 sewer pipe. This class will prepare members for work on underground utilities.


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